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Death: A Natural occurance

             There comes a time in each of our lives when we stare mortality directly in it's face. It is a part of life we cannot escape. With our births we are only promised physical death; the grim reaper patiently walks by our side, methodically digging our grave, yet we do not know if he is shoveling out our grave slowly with a teaspoon or rapidly with a backhoe. Eventually, everyone has to deal with life's great events, most significantly death, but how one ultimately handles their own demise may differ. In the end, one can come up with multiple rationalizations on how to deal with mortality, but once someone is faced with death, their sociobiological instincts take over. .
             The movie The Hit exemplifies how multiple individuals dealt with their own deaths through rational reasoning. The movie revealed that there are other human forces besides reason that determine how one approaches death. For example, one of the characters had ten years to come to terms with his own mortality, and even that proved not to be enough time for Willie in the end. While Willie was kidnapped he had multiple chances to escape, but he never did. He remained stoic throughout the entire film, until the final moments of his life, when he realized that he was really going to die. Willie was a stoic person because he was seemingly indifferent to and unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, and pain. He accepted all occurrences that he faced as the unavoidable result of divine will or of the natural order. He basically assisted in his own death when he repaired the car that would eventually lead him to death. Another scene where he could have escaped was when he was appreciating nature by admiring the waterfall while standing on the hilltop, while Myron was sleeping. He easily could have vanished into the sunset, but figured that because his time was coming, he should not cheat death and let it come naturally. Even right before he dies, he remained calm and was able to sleep peacefully in the car, even though he knew that his days were numbered.

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