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Natural Resource

             As the world continues to become more and more populated, resources will begin to be in demand more often. However, because of the population growth, resources will eventually become depleted. According to the food chain, food (being one of man's greatest resources) will eventually run out if there are no producers. Producers can't live without soil. Soil, as strange as it seems, is one of the most valuable resources the Earth has.
             Soil is essential for the growth of plants, which in turn provide food for animals and human beings. Soil consists chiefly of minerals mixed with organic (plant and animal) matter. Soil forms from rocks and similar materials that are broken up into smaller particles by physical and chemical processes called weathering. The particles become mixed with humus, a substance formed from plant and animal remains. Bacteria in the soil break down the humus into nutrients needed by plants.
             Rainwater, wind, and other natural forces gradually wear away the soil. This process, called erosion normally occurs very slowly. But people have greatly increased the rate of soil erosion by removing natural vegetation to clear land for construction projects, mining operations, or farmland. Plants protect the soil from the direct force of raindrops and wind. Their roots form an underground network that holds the soil in place. Plants also absorb some rainwater so that less runs off the land. Thus, fewer soil particles are washed away.
             Although it doesn't seem very important, soil may be the one resource we should value the most. If it weren't for soil, we would all starve to death. If there were no soil, the Earth would be a complete wasteland. So you must ask yourself this. Is it really just "dirt"?.

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