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The Purpose And Principles Of The Resource Management Act

            The Purpose And Principles Of The Resource Management Act.
             The Resource Management Act (RMA) has taken a number of forms under different names over the years since 1840 but they still all dealt with issues related to planning and resource use. As years went by society grew more and more sophisticated and was ready for more controls to be made for development. Statutes were successively built on one another attempting to optimise the system of regional and local planning. Even though some of the earlier statutes had different emphasis on certain issues of planning, you can see that many of the concepts are still the same. Such factors that influenced and are responsible for the now established RMA are the increase in environmental concern; a statute was needed to allow central government to by pass the plethora of consents required for large developments and to make sure that issues in the local regions did not hinder other projects in the national interest . The purpose and the principals of the RMA is what will be focussed on this report. .
             New Zealand is a relatively low populated country with that being one of the main reasons to why New Zealand has been given its "clean green image- because of the pressure that is put on our resources is little in comparison to those heavily populated countries. However, New Zealand is growing and even though we are relatively low populated we have mad quite a significant impact on the environment. For example, the water quality of our rivers having been affected by the clearing of forests and draining of wetlands. A lot of the damage done to our environment has probably outweighed how much growth has actually occurred with a lot of this due to the arrival of the settlers clearing bush and introducing foreign vegetation and plants. So the point of this is, is that New Zealand needs some form of manageable balance to cope with this growth.

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