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            Lebensgefuhl" - it's a confident feeling of being alive , of having the right place in life, taking part in everyday life. It's not a feeling of existence, but of living in the full sense of this word.
             As for Francine, she is likely to have found the right place in her life. The words she uses for describing her way of life show us that she is completely happy: the experience is "wonderfully warm-, the sounds of a song are "bright and beautiful-, the ad is "lovely-, the garden is "bursting with goodness-. Even while doing her housework she sings and thinks "how lucky she is too live so fully-. And indeed everything goes well: she has "happy and loving- husband, "a beautiful garden-, "business booms-, they have "treasury- and she "is a director too-. Of course she "has got her hands full-, but she knows "she is making life more comfortable so that people could love each other more-. Besides she is told to have "a potential as an automatic writing medium- although she has "poor handwriting-, but that doesn't seem to bother her much. .
             Generally speaking, Francine feels herself "opened to the beauty of life- and sees the perspective of developing. She is simply living her happy full life in "treasury- and is not actually interested in what happens outside.
             In contrast to Francine, who is so sure about fullness of her life, the author speaks very ironically about her and her Lebensgefuhl". With some sarcastic expressions he wants us to see how deceptive is her happiness. In fact Francine lives her life through the eyes of her husband and, furthermore, she plays a secondary role in her own life. Each time she speaks about herself she uses the word too. It's cliff" who thinks and talks, who is writing an autobiography" and founded treasury", but she is a director too". She is not even concerned about her poor mum", who doesn't understand their new life style". For Francine she's so closed to new age awareness" and besides full of negative energy".

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