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Barabbas Obituary

            The following obituary is spoken by a minister who did not know Barabbas personally, and only gathered the information from close sources.
             It is on this cold, gloomy day that we celebrate the life of a man whose life was unbeknownst to most of us. However if you listen intently, let me share with you the story that is Barabbas; the life of a man who found dignity within reconciliation and resurrection.
             Described by his confidants as a "man whom never used names", this hulking, hairy man would refer to his acquaintances as "hare-lipped girl", "blind man", and "fat woman"; a rare display of affection toward some of the only people that accepted him for who he was.
             Perhaps, it can all be traced back to a loveless childhood. A childhood devoid of respect, acceptance, and kindness. A childhood in which his parents neglected to show him the love he needed to become a well-rounded adult. Instead, he was forced to grow up not knowing how to treat others. He grew up on the instinct of survival of the fittest - eat or be eaten - rather than on morals.
             Regardless of his past endeavors, Barabbas" was to come face to face with fate on the day our Lord was condemned to death. While Jesus was sentenced to die by crucifixion in place of Barabbas, a proven criminal in the eyes of the law, Barabbas was given a second chance at life and a chance to change his ways.
             After witnessing the crucifixion, friends noticed that the change in Barabbas was almost instant. They couldn't pin point what made him different, but there was something about him that seemed almost Sagittarius in nature; like he was searching for something.
             Barabbas had been resurrected and with doubts in mind, he set out to find life anew, however still rebelling against the feelings he had inside. It wasn't until a tragic misunderstanding that Barabbas met his ill-fated doom. On his day of judgment, he came upon the city of Rome, unknowingly burning down the city in rage with the others, but to him, an act of reconciliation.

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