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Summary of A Walk to Remember

            Landon's last resort for a date was Jamie Sullivan, everyone else was already asked or had otherplans. Jamie goes with Landon to the dance on only one condition, that he doesn't fall in lovewith her. Worried about what Jamie would wear to the dance, she wasn't very wealthy and couldn't afford to buy a new dress for the special occasion. Landon was scared to show up with Jamie because she wasn't very popular or liked, everyone considered her as the weird one. she was the outcast. The day of the dance Landon helped decorate the gym and he also had to be at Jamie's a half an hour early so Hegbert could talk him. Landon figured it was going to be abouttemptation and how horrid it is. Landon showered, put on his best suit and was off to pick upJamie's corsage, then to pick her up. It was the first time Landon had seen Hegbert out of thechurch and he looked much different. Usually he is wearing nice, dressy clothes, but when he answered the door he was seen in overalls and a T-shirt. Hegbert asked some weird and ridiculous questions about his future and stuff. Soon, but not soon enough for Landon, they wereoff to the dance, something the two of them had both been looking forward to. Landon wasn't inthe best mood when he got there and it only seemed to get worse. Although Jamie was having afantastic time, and loved the decorations, the music and everything else about the dance, Landon was somewhat depressed but still managed to hit the dance floor. Much to Landon's surprise Jamie was quit the dancer and followed his lead through well over a dozen songs. Towards the end of the dance Eric and his woman, Angela, show up to make things more interesting and spike the punch. Angela ends up getting drunk and blowing chunks in the bathroom while Eric.
             somehow is nowhere to be seen, he does that all the time. Of course, Jamie being the person she is, was the one to find her and help her get her head out of the toilet bowl.

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