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             boy kisses girl, girl kisses back they fall in love, get married and have 2.8 kids and a summer house on the jersey shore. I know that's not how it always is, but that is what people want to believe. boys are supposed to like girls and girls are supposed to like boys because that's they way it was supposed to be. that's the way we grew up, learning that little girls should be prim and proper, to grow up in to beautiful young women and then get married to a handsome young man only to get pregnant and take care of 2.8 screaming kids, soccer games, ballet classes, swim, dinner and taking the family dog, Fido, to the vet. in the mean time the husband would get up at seven, go to work at nine and work all day until he came home at five to a fresh home cooked meal, then after he ate he was off to watch TV while his wife cleaned up dinner and put the kids to bed.
             What if we grew up knowing nothing about gender roles? I know it may be hard for some of you, but think about it. if you grew up, knowing nothing about the stereotypes that are played out all over the world, would you have the same perspective on you sexuality? Love knows no gender. you can tell me that you are as straight as a ruler, but then the next day meet someone of the same gender that you find can contaminate you with their every being, to turn their dreams in to your and make every waking and breasting moment you spend apart torture for you. what if you grew up knowing nothing about 'girls and boys' and who is supposed to like who, would you be attracted to people of the same sex. honestly, when thinking about it, the only difference of a hetero couple and a gay couple is that the hetero couple is capable of reproduction while the gay couple isn't. that is the only difference. every one in my eyes is bi. everyone, that is, except for one group of people who in fit in to at this point of my life.
             Asexuals. people who don't 'swing' either way.

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