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night to remember

             A Night To Remember by Walter Lord is about the luxury ship "Titanic" went through. The story takes place on the luxury ship and on its many decks. In the story the Titanic is sailing along the Atlantic Ocean. This book was written in 1955. In this story all characters have the same value in the book. On April 14, 1912, 2:00 P.M was when the Titanic left Queenstown for New York on huge voyage carrying 1316 passengers and 891 people on the crew. It was all calm and quiet cruising down the Atlantic, and the Ocean looked like a sheet of Ice. The Watchman in the crow's nest accounted for an iceberg but since the ship was unsinkable there was no need to worry, everyone was doing their business, and some were playing cards.
             One Guy playing cards heard a grinding noise that seemed to be coming out of inside the ship. Some people heard it and some didn't care much about it because ship is always making grinding noises because it's big machinery. So after a while the word got around that they had, in fact, struck an iceberg. Surprisingly no one cared and everyone went back to bed. The captain of the Titanic could if in emergency hit an electric button and many airtight doors sealed off special rooms that could keep the ship floating even if it had a hole in its double reinforced hull. As word soon spread that the collision was a lot worse than before expected, the captain and the crew members went to go check the damage. The blow caused a two-foot gash in the side of boiler room number 5. People were scared. Women and Children were yelling and crying. People went to their rooms and gather their most valuable things. The boat was sinking; everyone knew they were going to die. They said their last prayers, some people even jumped off the edges thinking they would swim, but the water was so cold that they died right after. People were tumbling left and right. People were also going crazy because they either saw their family and friends drown in front of them.

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