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A Walk To Remember

             The word "Love" probably sounds familiar to us, nevertheless no one can describe precisely the real definition of love as the way one views "love" differs from one and another. "A Walk To Remember" by Nicholas Sparks is a glorious story, which gives us an insight about what love truly is. It is a mesmerizing, touching at times riveting story about two young teenagers" obstacles in their journey of love.
             In world nowadays, where lust is often misinterpreted as love, a pure love without physical interaction seemed impossible. However, "A Walk to Remember" which the setting is in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958, was able to present an emotive yet entertaining story without any x-rated scene. Back then; love was pure, spiritually innocent and uncontaminated. .
             "A Walk To Remember" features the contrast opposites, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, as the main characters of the story. Landon is introduced as the typical rebellious teenage guy whose social life is in the "in" crowd. Although he won peer-approval in high school and was accepted in the popular society, Landon felt there was something missing in his life. Landon cared nothing for attending classes or graduating and seemed to be the perfect, handsome jock, though truly, he was insecure and vulnerable inside. He was shallow, filled with so much rage and hatred for his father, who left his mom and him alone, which he will never be able to forgive and forget. .
             While Jamie, she is a serious, conservative girl who knew right from the start, where she is going and what she wants to do with her life. She was the reverend's daughter, who frequently sings in the church's choir. Not only she was a strong Christian, she was someone who sets goals for her life. Piteously, she was considered a nerd by Landon and his friends, though they were together ever since kindergarten. Jamie was looked at as a bible hugging, sci-fi bookworm, who wears the exact same sweater each day at school.

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