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Lives of the Saints and A Walk to Remember

            Oscar Wilde once said, "Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic." This beautiful life lesson is clearly seen in the novels Lives of the Saints and A Walk to Remember. In both cases, a female protagonist is looking for intimacy in life, while experiencing hardships and struggles with their communities, and ultimately dying a tragic death. A walk to Remember is about a girls named Jamie who get cancers but refuses treatment so she can have a normal life as other people do. She is a strong women who has faith in miracles and bravely faced the challenges of having cancer. Lives of the Saints is about a woman named Cristina who is struggles to immigrate to Canada. She got alienated from villagers because of her adulterous action. They think she is cursed because she is pregnant with another man's child. Intimacy is necessarily needed from families or companies to create a strong woman. The decision of believing in faith can results in tragedy. The struggling always exist at the same time tragic come to life. By looking at Jamie's and Cristina's journeys through intimacy, faith and struggle, Oscar Widle's words come to life where "behind every exquisite thing, there always seems to be a tragedy".
             Behind any strong women is the existence or need for intimacy which can supports and encouraged them throughout the life. Both woman in the story are looking for a man in their life, they found the man go through a happy period time together. However, it's doesn't last long since the tragedy of life split them apart. Jamie had a normal life and she ready for the death but suddenly Landon walked to her life, "she was getting along with everything fine. She accepted it, and then he happened! She does not need a reason to be angry with God." (Jamie, Mandy Moore). Both Cristina and Jamie do not wish for a relationship or anyone else to support them.

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