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            During the war in Eastern Europe, German warplanes and tanks caused many casualties. These planes and tanks also left the towns buildings in a complete ruble. The sound of war was very common in everyday life and bombs could be heard dropping from all around. Due to the massacre, friends and families died each day leaving people with a sense of emptiness. Death was a regular mishap and because of this the play "Everyman" was written which is a play about death and destruction. "Everyman" is a sermon on the meaning of life, which was written in 1485, but was not published until 1529. The author was unknown, but was thought to be a priest. "Everyman" was performed in England for approximately five years during the war. The play was showed everyday, thus making the play a consistent showing of about 1,800 days. .
             In the beginning of the play, the Messenger begins to speak about what the play is based on. He states that the play is called "Everyman" and that our lives are like shows which change everyday.
             The Summoning of Everyman called it is,.
             That our lives and ending shows.
             How transitory we be all one day.
             This matter is wondrous precious, .
             But the intent of it is more gracious, .
             And sweet to bear away. .
             After this brief introduction, God then begins to speak on how people are more focused on materialistic things and do not tend to show much appreciation for the spiritualistic side of life. Everyman is defined as every human being. He uses the main character Everyman as his example because everyman only cares for their materialistic possessions and tends to overindulge in seven deadly sins. These sins include envy, sloth gluttony, wrath, pride, lust, and greed.
             My law that I showed, when I for them died.
             They forget the clean, shedding of my blood red;.
             I hanged between two, it cannot be denied;.
             To get them life I suffered to be dead;.
             I healed their feet, with thorns hurt was my head.

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