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Short Story - A Walk Through the Park

            Packed closely together we live our lives like ants. We obsess over our daily routines, where we live, and what is important to us. Everyday we go about living our lives venturing away from the anthill but only to make our colony stronger, but what important blessing is missing from our everyday lives? We have we lost our appreciation for life's natural beauty and the simpleness of being outdoors. We often forget to stop and treasure the surroundings that were created for us.
             It is early afternoon during the first few days of fall as I began my brief walk to the local park. There is a slight breeze brushing against my face and it is the first time that I can tell that it is officially fall. The trees have begun to change colors. The bright green leaves are now turning orange and are littering the walkways. As I continue my walk I find myself on the edge of acres of green grass. Next to me stands an empty playground surrounded by wood chips. As the swings sway in the wind, I can remember the memories of playing there as a child. The grass is damp from the sprinklers as I walk across the empty fields. In the far distance I can see a couple of kids playing soccer. As I walk closer to them I can see there faces are light up with joy as they kick the ball back and forth. The two children seem to be brothers. .
             The smaller, younger boy tries to keep up with his brother and I can see the competition between them. The older of the two now has the ball. He runs as fast as he can to get the ball past his brother, knocking him over in the process. I can see the anger in the younger boys face as he gets up, wipes him self off, and starts running as fast as he can. You can see how motivated he is to stop his brother from making a goal, but the ball is on target and older brother makes it in. The younger brother throws himself to the ground and lays there motionless as his older brother runs back towards him.

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