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Hernando De Soto

             Around the year 1500, in a town called Jerez de los Caballeros, Hernando de Soto was born. Unlike the Spanish custom of taking both parent's last names - he left his mother name, and took off his fathers last name (Méndez). When Hernando turned 13, his neighbor, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, discovered the Pacific Ocean. This inspired Hernando to become an explorer. In 1514, He moved to Seville and joined Pedro Arias Dávila. Dávila became the adelantado (governor) allowing them to sail to the new world. Exploring the new world made Hernando more brave, daring, and wealthy. 1528, Francisco Pizarro found gold and silver off of an Inca Tribe. King Charles granted permission for Hernando and Francisco to explore the Inca Empire. King Charles provided them with two ships, 180 men, 67 horses, and weapons. But in return he wanted one-fifth of any riches found and to convert natives into Christianity.
             Battles were easier on the Spanish because they had more advanced weapons than the Indians did. Also the Indians have never seen horses before, so when in battle, they would run away thinking that the Spanish were gods or invincible. In a thirty minute battle, they defeated the Incas, killing five thousand Indians and zero dead Spanish. For nine months, the Inca leader (Atahualpa) was held in a ransom. The Spanish gained 24 tons of gold. On the 29 of August 1533, Pizarro forced Atahualpa to convert to Christianity then killed him. In all the expeditions, every soldier gained tons of gold, silver, and emeralds. Hernando became one of the richest people in the world. King Charles received 2,700 pounds of gold, Francisdo Pizarro revived 800 pounds, and Hernando de Soto gained 200 pounds of good and 400 pounds of silver. After this, Hernando became lieutenant governor of Cuzco for four years, then returned to Spain. Back in Spain, he was know as a hero. Hernando donated money to a lot of people.

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