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Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears

            Unjust! Unfair! The majority of people think of this mere thought of "Trail of Tears." Once you dissect the words within it, you can see the pain and suffering the Indians came across when they met the white men, who, with heartless actions removed them from their land and changed the life that Indians had been living so happily. The Indians were the ones brutally removed and the Americans thought this land was always theirs; they got conceited thinking they won the land fair and square. The Englishmen were the cruel men that took advantage of their gun power and made the tribes leave their homes with little or no belongings at all, making dangerous travels that killed almost half of them. This essay will introduce three main points that impacted the Indian suffrage, the Indian deportation from the land that was already theirs, and the governments' broken promises. During the 1830s, the Indians had reached the great depression of their lives and were treated unfairly everywhere they went. It was a very devastating time for the Indians in the southern east states.
             Indians, before any other human contact, have been the first living creatures that migrated and settled in what is now called the "Americas." The brutal treatment of the Indians had been going around since the early 16th century when they first came in contact with the new explorers or "conquistadores" of the new world such as Christopher Columbus, Cavesa de Vaca Hernando de Soto, and many more. They have treated Native Americans unjust for centuries. Being kicked out of their culture, the new people took over their lands. The Indians walked bare foot during the harsh climate weathers like the coldest days of December or the hot scorching days of summer. Some walked carrying their dead children or even walked besides an elder that slipped and died. These Native Americans were kicked out of their land without being able to take anything that they owned and never got a chance to return.

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