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Being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Youth Nowadays

             The homosexual and bisexual kids are youth. In addition to the uncertain and insecure period of adolescence, these youth have to deal with their unusual sexual orientation. It is not easy to be a gay, lesbian, bisexual youth nowadays. They have to face many challenges such as discrimination, self-doubts and lack of support. This research paper will be addressing these challenges and what the society and the family do to help these youths. .
             Being gay, lesbian and bisexual youth .
             Gay and lesbian means that a person's primary romantic, emotional and physical attractions are with someone of the same sex. Bisexual people have those attractions to both sexes. (Bass, 5) Gay, lesbian and bisexual youth are called queer kids. Queer kids are usually being overlooked, ignored, denied and abused. (Owen, 9) This is mostly due to the misunderstanding that people have toward them. People think that being a queer kid as a lifestyle, however, in a more accurate term, it is a life. (Bass, 13) It is definitely not an illness, thus they cannot be cured with medicine or other treatment, such as electroshock treatment. It is a natural attraction that one has deep down. People do not choose to be attracted to anyone. Straight people do not decide to be attracted to people of other sex. They simply find that they have those feelings. The same is true for these queer kids. (Bass, 9) People question about causes their unusual sexual orientation. There are three possibilities: nature, nurture, or a combination of two. (Bass, 8) Nature means that the sexual orientation is already part of them when they are born. Seventy percent or more of lesbians, gay and bisexual adolescents and adults report feeling different at an early age, often as early as age four or five. (Owen, 16) Nurture has to do with the environment, the atmosphere that they are being brought up in. (Bass, 8) .
             Most queer kids have the same process of coming to accept their own identity.

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