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shivering in the dark

             Deficit of power and problems related to electro-energetic system, are up to date topics for the last few months and they still preoccupy public attention. Restrictions have become our everyday reality and Montenegrin people's new profession has become shivering in the dark.
             How can this problem be solved?.
             The most accurate and the fastest answer to this question is finding new sources of energy, that is to say power plants.
             Regarding the fact that Montenegro is one of the leading countries, taking in consideration hydro potentials, it is easy to conclude that these are hydro plants. For an amateur the thing would be finished here. .
             But when we mention the economic side of plant construction, shivering and dark are replaced with a headache.
             Montenegro lacks about one billion kWh annually. That is a little over than the annual generation of HT "Piva" (932 millions kWh). The main project that's in consideration for a long time, are hydro plants on Moraca that would cover all of the Montenegrin losses. Valuation of this plants" construction (4-6 of them) is about 500 millions of dollars. In comparison with Montenegrin budget (about 700 millions of DM) the significance of this can be easily seen.
             This gigantic problem of Montenegro can be solved, believe the experts, with construction of minor primary units like mini hydro plants, air generators.
             The new project of HP "Buk -Bijela" will cost Montenegro about 140 millions of dollars. For this investment it could gain about 600 millions of kWh. .
             There also exists the idea of Podgorica's plant construction, which dates from sixties. With these plants it could be generated about 400 millions of kWh annually.
             But when we consider this problem from the experts" side of view, only then we become aware that we here enter Pandora's box. From the begging we meet with a series of troubles: deterioration of overall network, old generators, the number of employees in Electro economy, commitment.

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