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lamb to the slaughter

             A loving caring wife is what every man wants, and that wife is Mary Maloney. Mary Maloney is a stay at home wife, who is about to have her first child. Mary is happy when she can bring joy and happiness to people especially her husband Patrick Maloney. Everyday when Patrick comes home ten minutes to five, she has everything ready so he can relax. After Patrick would come through the door Mary would wait on him hand and foot. She asks about his day after he would have a drink of cold juice she would put out for the both of them. Mary would tries to make him feel better but actually made things worse. On day, a Thursday, she would attempt to kill Patrick, and would accomplish it. Patrick came home as usual ten minutes to five; Mary would have a drink ready for him. And when he came through the door, she would take his coat, and make him feel more comfortable. But today Patrick was really tired, and told her. She would try to be quiet for a while to let him calm down, and then she would sooth him. But it would not work today because Patrick was determined to tell her that he was leaving her. I while later Patrick tells her that he is going to leave her, but not to worry because he will give her money. Mary Maloney gets mad and feels feeling that she has never felt before. And then finally she kills her husband with a leg of lamb. Mary Maloney's personality helps her get away with her husband's murder.
             Mary Maloney gets away with murder because of her persona, everyone knew her has a loving, caring wife that adored her husband. After Patrick tells her he is leaving her; she instantly turns into the criminal inside of her. And then kills him with the frozen leg of lamb. "For goodness sake," he said, hearing her, but not turning around. "Don't make supper for me. I"m going out." "At this point, Mary simply walked up behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head".

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