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The Role of the Plot Twist

            Why do stories have plot twists? Is it even necessary to have them? Plot twists play vital roles in the development of a story. Some of the best stories have a well-developed plot with an emphatic plot twist that grasps the readers' attention. Fictional works like, "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl, and "The Case of Lady Sannox" by By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, contain plot twists incorporated as significant elements for the development of the story. The role of a plot twist is to drive its readers into wanting to know "What then?" A fiction story would be dull and boring if it wasn't for its plot twist; which in return impacts readers with an unexpected change. In "Keeping It Moving: A Piece of Fiction Needs Forward Motion, and For That You'll Need to Build the Pressure" by Carol Bugge, he implements important principles or a guideline that would make a fiction story strong. Bugee discusses elements such antagonists, protagonists, plot twists, and he tries to portray how a story is well built. These analytical guidelines are what help us discuss these stories in a more academic manner. Both of these fiction stories use plot twists to make their points. Ultimately these fiction stories are greatly impacted by plot twists, which surprise, entertain, intrigue, and invigorate readers. .
             To keep readers interested and attentive, twists can be of great use to grasp their attention. Readers could be intrigued when there is good development of the story going on. An example of this incredible intriguing twist, happens in a scene of "The Case of Lady Sannox". "His face was swarthy, and his hair and beard of the deepest black. In one hand he held a turban of white muslin striped with red, in the other a small chamois-leather bag." (Doyle). This quote immediately leaves us intrigued as to who the mysterious man is and why did he appear out of nowhere.

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