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The Truman Show - Movie Review

            Easily named one of the most fascinating movies of the 20th century, The Truman Show highlights a truly superb and at the same time tragic plot that fills the audience up with sympathetic and doubted feelings of the life of Truman Burbank, the main protagonist in this unique movie. It tells the story of Truman Burbank, (portrayed by Jim Carrey) a middle aged man who is completely unaware that his supposed hometown "Seahaven" is a dome and that his surroundings, even people, were all artificially placed there since his birth. There are other outstanding roles played by skilful actors and actresses including Ed Harris as Christof, the director of the show and the creator of Seahaven, Laura Linney as Meryl, Truman's wife, Natascha McElhone as Sylvia, Truman's real lover and the leader of the "Free Truman" movement and Noah Emmerich as Marlon, Truman's best friend. The movie was released in 1998 and was directed by Peter Weir, the same director that has directed a number of award winning movies including Dead Poets Society and The Way Back. The team along with the cast has presented the plot in a serious but amusing way which has made the movie successful and has led to many nominations and awards. .
             The film makers had a very excellent way of presenting different themes throughout the movie such as control. The controlling theme is presented by the character Christof, the creator and director of the show who has controlled Truman's life for over 30 years. They have written his character as being obsessed in keeping the show running and attaining higher ratings in which he stays controlling Truman's life for 30 years. This theme highlights possible issues in reality while presenting and informing the audience at the same time, which I think is a great way to spread messages and concepts from other sources rather than just watching the News. Another positive side to this movie is the way the film makers didn't reveal Truman's situation in the beginning of the movie; instead they added little hints throughout the scenes leading up to the disclosure of Truman's real situation.

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