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Truman Show

            Although The Truman Show (1998), Ed TV(1999), and Louis the 19th , King of the Airwaves (1994), are all movies that evolved from similar ideas the plots all have situational differences. In the Truman Show the main theme is exactly what Noah Emerich says it is; "a TV show that gives hope joy and inspiration to millions" and it does this by implanting a human in a world, that is free of any kind of negative harm; A dream world in which everything is perfect. The only thing realistic about the movie is Truman (Jim Carey). EdTV and Louis The 19th, King of the Airwaves are different from The Truman Shoe. The TV show is somehow introduced to someone's real already existing life; all three movies touch on very realistic life values.
             I think the Truman Show shows its viewers what everyone really wants in life. Truman led a worry free life. From fetus until the end Truman had the stereotypical and ideal life of all middle aged men. Truman had a supporting and loving childhood and he was an ideal student. He went to college and landed a rewarding and successful career. He also had a loving wife with whom he was about to raise a family with, in there nice house with the white picket fence. He was living the American dream.
             The only problem Truman ever really experienced was the staged, drowning death of his father which gave him a crippling fear of water. This fear kept Truman from ever wanting to venture out of his holding cell. It wasn't until the crew of the Truman Show started to loose composer that Truman really started to doubt the life he was living.
             With the sneak appearance of his dad on the set and technical difficulties, Truman started thinking something was really weird about his life. For the first time in his life he decides he wants to get away from it all and go to Feegi, the opposite side of the earth. Truman has many distractions before he figures out what is going on.

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