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Truman Show

             "The Truman Show" is a profoundly disturbing movie. The movie displays a wide variety of themes, but the philosophical key to the whole movie lays at rest. A utopia, an ideal place with social perfection, can not be faked. In Truman's utopia he has no choices, and in the absence of choice, no utopia can survive. In the end, Truman's fake world comes to a screeching hault. The hero, Truman, lives in an artificial world, constructed especially for him. He knows no other place. The people around him, unbeknownst to him, are all actors. His life is monitored by 5000 cameras and broadcast live to the world, 24 hours a day, everyday. All of Truman's choices were controlled by his environment and his peers. He never actually made any choices on his own; they were all persuaded by his repetitive environment. In the world today, everyone is forced to make decisions and choices which shape our future. If we had no choices and our environment was controlled like Truman's, the world would never progress into anything new. Technology would never grow, and the people would all live the same everyday life. When a utopia is faked, there is eventually one factor that will destroy the perfect place. Either one person or outer person would ruin the rotation, or a human error would take place. In the absence of choice, no utopia can survive. Today in the absence of full, timely and accurate information, choice would not exist. Actually, the availability of choice is so crucial that even when it is prevented by nature itself, and not by the designs of more or less sinister people, there can be no utopia. .
             The movie than takes the issue one step further by perpetrating a massive act of immortality on the screen. Truman is lied to, cheated, deprived of his ability to make choices, controlled and manipulated by sinister people. Truman is the only spontaneous, non-scripted, "actor" in the on-going show of his life.

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