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The Truman Show

             The movie I reviewed was called, The Truman Show. The Truman Show is a drama directed by Peter Weir. On a scale from one through ten, I would rate this movie a ten. Most definitely the best drama I have ever seen. .
             The Truman Show stars Jim Carry as he plays Truman Burbank in this drama about his life and how it is all-fake, except him. The setting takes place in a 1990's little town called Seaheaven. Truman lives a fairly normal life, he's married to a nurse named Marlyn and Truman is businessman. Everyday is just like a broken record. It's the same thing everyday, until he catches on to this act after thirty-five years. Her then starts wanting to go to Fugi to find a long lost dad who actually comes back in the heart of the movie, to keep Truman in his town of acting. .
             The theme I think is really quite simple. The director in this film is trying to point out very clearly at the ending, that you can't fake a mans life forever. Man has enough freewill to go anywhere anytime he or she will, and I think that is what the director is trying to get across. .
             My personal evaluation to this movie is HIGH. On a scale of one to ten I give this movie a ten. I enjoyed this movie very much. It was well planned out, well acted, and last of all well emphasized that Truman was himself, and everyone saw that. There are some comedy parts in this movie, like when he talks to himself in the bathroom pretending to be an astronaut. That's HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I don't know if driving in a circle with a car is funny or not, but the way this was presented it was VERY funny. Three words!!! ENJOYABLE, FUNNY, AND MEMORABLE.
             In conclusion, this movie was great. If you didn't see it GO!!! I thought this movie pointed out what it was trying to get across very well. This movie gets a ten on my scale.

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