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Is War Neccesary?

            People have always struggled to advance, to improve, to satisfy their needs. As we grow up, we begin to know our limits within the world, and later on, we fight to exceed those limits. Usually exceeding those limits means the capture of land and resources of others. This is not usually a peaceful acquisition. People will not only fight to secure resources but they will also fight to protect them; when there is a struggle to obtain there will always be a struggle to keep. This wish for improving and maintaining are primitive instincts shared by both man and beast. Consequently, this desire added to these nasty instincts end up in a war. .
             War has been a major power in the shaping of the present world, and it takes immeasurable amounts of money. The price of maintaining an army is extremely expensive: The United States, for instance, spends billions of dollars in defense each year. Even more costly is the price of rebuilding a country or city after it has been devastated by war. And not only money is the cost of war but it also takes lives. Millions have died in war utterly in vain. .
             The big question is whether war is necessary. Many would argue that war is necessary, after all even the Holy Bible speaks of war as eventual and unavoidable. While many others, on the contrary, would argue that war is the pursuit of an interest, a financial one without any shadow of a doubt, and the unnecessary lost of human lives. .
             War is basically based on differences. Politicians tend to glorify war in times that it seems inevitable. They usually talk of liberty, democracy, and most of all freedom from oppression. These ideas focus on making war necessary and acceptable, when it is actually avoidable and absolutely unacceptable from any reasonable point of view.
             One must ask oneself if there is another possible way, which there should be since, unlike animals, human beings have the ability to reason, to settle those differences.

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