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God of Small Things-Humanism

            God of small things goes through the great depression. The idea of humanism is is portrayed throughout the whole novel. Roy unfolds the idea of Universal Human rights and truth impliedly. In the novel, she has articulated each character in a way that they all get certain position. The women, children and "Untouchables" in Roy's novel are all victims of cruelty. It deals with the different appearances in which domination is shown, and it tries to discover why these people keep down each other. Also, it explores in what ways the author has made her readers aware of this and, finally, what effects the oppression has on the characters. Her family first of all, alienates Ammu, because she dared to divorce her abusive, alcoholic husband. She is being treated unwell and so does her offspring are not specified a great deal of the importance. This idea is seen clearly when Roy describes their standing at funaral; "Though Ammu, Estha and Rahel were allowd to attend the funeral, they were mase to stand separately, not with the rest of the family. Nobody would look at them." As a discrimination of a women right another character can also be seen to be her mother mammachi. The God of Small Things is not a novel about mass struggle. Rather, it is about the ways which individuals, particularly women, find to resist the conditions imposed upon them by society. The character of Ammu, who is to commit the ultimate transgression by loving the low-caste Velutha, epitomises this. Roy by turns confusion and explains Ammu's ability to resist in small ways: 'Occasionally, when Ammu listened to songs that she loved on the radio, she walked out of the world like a witch, to a better, happier place carried magic secrets in her eyes. She spoke to no-one. .On the days that the radio played Ammu's songs, everyone was a little wary of her. They sensed somehow that she lived in the penumbral shadows between two worlds, just beyond the grasp of their power.

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