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changes in the media

             Lets face it, media is not what it use to be. Our media, instead of feeding off of news in general, is now feeding off of bad news that people are attracted to. This change moved in on us slowly, but I believe now it has gone too far. .
             While researching articles from the past and articles from the recent year of similar topics, I found that newspapers and reporters had a very different approach to capturing news then they do now. Flip on the late night news or read the front page headline of the morning paper, all you will see is articles and stories that deal with a local rape, or the latest on the war with Iraq. People look at this and cant help but read because they are so curious to what happened and if it could happen to them. In the past people would be used to hearing stories about a meteor shower or a new type of car that is on the market. I looked at two similar topics from past and recent newspaper articles. The preparations people were supposed to take before WWII and the preparations for possible war on Iraq.
             With the Iraq war the media has scared people way too much. I found an article that suggested that people duct tape there windows and vents to prevent biological warfare from entering there house. In today's world media try's to get people scared instead of prepared. Every day you hear something about war with Iraq. They always try to connect the issues with you and tell you that it could happen to you. Media makes people scared to leave their door unlocked or walk down a street on a dark night.
             Back then, in the 1940's, the media would try to ignore the problem. They informed you on the situation but still gave you the idea to go on with your life. To cover WWII they simply told you what was happening and how we were doing, instead of blowing it out of proportion. .
             I believe people have the right to know what is going on when it is time of war, but exploiting it too much can make people scared and uncomfortable.

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