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Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

            "Romeo and Juliet" is a classic and excelling film about Romance. Franco Zeferilli has made a classic approach to portraying the film by using on set location, traditional costume so he could give the audience a classical version.
             In Contrast to Zeferilli's version Baz Luhrmann has made a "in your face approach" to portraying the film of " Romeo and Juliet" and has done this by modernisation such as using the urban landscape of LA and also replacing the weapons such as a sword with a gun. Both films effectively communicate the great love between Romeo and Juliet.
             The scene when Romeo meets Juliet in Zeferilli's version was seen to be in a party of the old times and Zeferilli used a cold colour pallet to paint the background in this scene as well as many others while painting Romeo and Juliet with a warm colour pallet to emphasis there love. This is very effective especially when Romeo and Juliet first meet it truly portrays there great love and Zeferilli does this in an excelling manner.
             Whereas Luhrmann portrayed this as just a party and used a colour pallet that was warm throughout and this was also very effective. It gives us the message that their love was so great that it lighted everywhere they went and it was very significant. .
             In the scene where Romeo finds out that Juliet is dead Zeferilli shows the classical approach how Romeo was upset and this was shown in a theatrical way and it told the viewers that Love is very valuable and it should not be lost. It showed that Romeo could not live anymore because of Juliet's death and that he was at one of the most downward points of his life. Whereas in Luhrmann's version this dramatic scene was elaborated and emphasised through the use of moving music and it showed us Romeo's great loss of Juliet in a truly moving way that gave the audience an understanding of how great the love was.

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