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How to use a Nokia 3390

            In our society today, the technology has become so advanced that it is practically impossible to live in this civilization without having to have some knowledge of it. Whether it be a computer, a palm pilot, or one of the most popular devices today; the cell phone. At the moment cellular telephones are owned by more than 50 million Americans. This alone is a good enough reason to learn how to use such a popular apparatus.
             One of the more widespread phones of today is the Nokia. To introduce the basics of a cell phone to an inexperienced user, the Nokia 3390 is a sound choice to utilize.
             The first step to personalizing your phone is to turn it on. The power button is located on the top of the phone. This command is approximately an inch long, but your fingertip should compress the pressure point on the far left. Hold it down for about a second (one brief touch will fail to power the telephone). While the phone is preparing itself for usage, a screen will show how much battery power your phone is being supported with. Following this, another display will illustrate the carrier you have chosen to manage your plan of minutes and messaging. .
             After loading, your main screen will pop up. This will be known as your "home screen." This will contain a viewing of your battery power indicator, the time of day at the top right, a "Menu" button at the bottom, and your signal strength indicator on the far left. A strength indicator shows cell phone users how well their phone can read the signal of their carrier, deciding whether or not they will be able to make a phone call. For example: If your carrier is AT&T Wireless, the indicator will show how well the phone can read an AT&T signal depending on the phone's location.
             He main benefit of a cellular phone is to make a call when away from a base phone line. So, to make a phone call the steps are very similar to what a caller would do with a phone from home.

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