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Critique for Nokia8210 launch

            Malcolm Hanlon, General Manager, Zenith Media, Singapore also the Regional Media Director for Nokia Mobile phones, the largest mobile phone advertiser in Asia. His presentation dwelt on how Nokia identified its target audience in the case of marketing the brand to the youth and how the company then employed certain tools to capture the segment. .
             The first step for Nokia was to identify the target audience-the youth between 15-24 years of age, in any particular country. This segment was divided into the urban and rural. Pruning resulted in the identification of the influential segment within the urban youth group-who are the hot potentials (the rural youth get eliminated automatically; even within the urban youth segment, there are two groups ones that could afford mobile phones and other that cannot). China tops the list amongst countries with the maximum number of hot potentials, followed by South Korea, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. However when one looks at the hot potentials as a percentage of total population, it is Singapore that tops the list, followed by Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand. .
             Once the target group was identified, Nokia then set out to understand them better. The techniques used by the company include VoxPops in all the target markets of Asia Pacific- where customer representatives go out on the streets and actually speak to the target audience on what they think the product is all about and what the brand it means to them.
             To get a deeper understanding of the youth market and get a first hand feedback of the style and attitude of the market, Nokia asked certain pointed questions, prior to the launch of the N3210 model of mobile phone.
             The questions included: .
             (a) why do the youth want to possess mobile phones .
             (b) what colours they prefer .
             (c) what facilities they like best in the phones and what features they would like to incorporate into the phones.

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