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Island of the blue dolphins

             I chose this novel because it's an outstanding recreation of a real life story about young Indian woman named Karana who lived on an island for eighteen years all alone. Constantly fighting wild dogs for food, avoiding the white men who had killed her father, and taking shelter is just part of the struggle Karana had through -out her ordeal. .
             It all started out one day when a member of Karana's tribe had spotted ships on the horizon. The white men had come. This is one of the things Karana's tribe feared the most. When the white men came last time, they almost hunted the otter to a point of no existence leaving only a few for the Indians to eat and make clothes from.
             When the white men had landed, Karana's father the chief, was waiting at the shoreline with the best of his warriors. After a talk with the chief, the captain of the white men's ship made a bargain. They were to hunt otter and in return give 25% of their catch and a chest full of the finest beads, silks, and jewelry to the Indian tribe.
             At the end of otter hunting season, the white men had begun to pack their ship up and get ready to leave without keeping their end of the bargain. The chief would not tolerate this kind of obscurity so he and his finest warriors approached the captain of the white men and demanded that they give them their fair share of the catch. After a brief and brisk conversation between the two men, a fight broke out. leaving all but a few of the warrior riors dead, including the chief.
             Some time later another ship had come by. This particular ship was promising. The new ship had stumbled across the small island, The Island of the Blue Dolphins, had come to take the surviving Indians to their country. All the Indians had boarded the ship, when Karana noticed her brother was not abroad. She could see his faint figure off in the distance on the island flailing his arms like crazy. Instinctively she jumped off the ship and swam to shore when the captain would turn back for her brother.

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