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Great Gatsby

             The Great Gatsby is a wonderful book and also a great movie. There are many things about the book that make it better than just watching the movie. Such as when you just watch the movie then you don't get the everything the author wanted you to get out of it, because when they make the movies they tend to take away some of the book and add other parts that were not in the book.
             One thing that makes the book better to read than to watch the movie is that when you watch the movie you aren't picturing the description that the author meant for you. Such as when he describes Gatsby's house to you he describes it so much more than what you see in the movie. For example instead of stairs he could have had an escalator. He could have also had a piano that played by itself with no one being there. Something else he could have had in his closet is a machine that dresses him without him having to lift a finger. Another difference is when they describe Myrtle in the book they describe her as being a portly woman but the way they show her in the movie she is a twig. So in your head you would think that she was very large, but you wouldn't know that if you had just watched the movie. Also in the book they say that when Myrtle is hit by Tom she bled enough to soak up a rag but in the movie she just had a little bit of blood tripling down from her nose. Why would th!.
             e author take so much time to explain that to you if he wouldn't want u to know? It would have just been boring without all the description the author put into it.
             Another thing that makes reading the book better is that you use your imagination. When you read how big Gatsby's house is you picture in your head many thing such as nice cars, spectacular pool, beautiful garden and more, but watching the movie just shows you and takes away the pleasure of imagining it all in your mind. When you hear about such a nice house you think of the best cars in the garage such as Mercedes, Bmw, and many more.

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