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            Shakespeare's characterization of Macbeth exonerates the impact he had on the play. The tone in Macbeth remains sinister and depressing throughout the play. Symbolism, on the other hand, kept the tragedy in tact, and if understood, revealed the whole play in the very beginning of her pages. The character of Macbeth profoundly effects the play, by means of transpiring his actions to hurt others. If looking at the characteristics of good and evil, it makes the reader wonder what makes a person good or evil. Evil is not born into people, but it is the only option they have left. Three features we have seen stand out clear in the general conception of Macbeth. There is his eminently practical nature, which is the key to the whole. And the absence in him of the inner life adds two special features: one is his helplessness under suspense, the other is the activity of his imagination with its susceptibility to supernatural terrors.His practical power develops as capacity for crime.his mind is as scorpions; it is tortured in restless ecstasy. Suspense has undermined his judgment and brought on him the gambler's fever.The third feature in Macbeth is the quickening of his sensitiveness to the supernatural side by side with the deadening of his conscience.In the reaction from the murder of Banquo the supernatural appearance-which no eye sees but his own-appears more real to him than the real life around him. And from this point he seeks the supernatural, forces it to disclose its terrors, and thrusts himself into an agonized vision of generations that are to witness the triumph of his foes. (Moulton 335-337) Moulton knows what he is talking about. Macbeth was heavily influenced by supernatural forces. In fact, were it not for them he might be living a happy and content life. The witches had a profound affect on him. He soon found himself in a world where he wanted to know more and more and the weird women were the only ones who could satisfy his hunger.

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