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Duddy Is a Failure

             Every man or women on earth posses their own unique goals and aspirations throughout their life. It is also a given that whatever those goals are, they will do all they can in their power to achieve them. In the Mordecai Richler novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, that is certainly true for the main character, Duddy. He completely understands that concept and is one of the most ambitious people you"ll ever read about. It was the words, "A man without land is nobody." Said by his grandfather that set Duddy's goal straight. He was prepared to do anything to get his very own piece of land. Normally this would be a great thing but in this case Duddy's plan of action was to not let anything get in his way. Even though Duddy does achieve his goal of obtaining his own land, he succeeds through immoral and disgraceful means. It is obvious that Duddy had.
             failed in his apprenticeship and has become the "scheming little bastard" that Uncle Benjy had cautioned him against.
             Duddy was a very smart and clever person, but he was missing a conscience and the morals that go along with one, which was one reason for his failure in life. This characteristic could be traced back to when Duddy was very young. In his school.
             he already earned money in ways that many would find immoral. Since in Canada minors cannot be sued he took note and took advantage of the situation. So he fooled stamp companies and soled hockey sticks. Duddy further sinks lower when he established Dudley Kane Enterprises by producing poor quality bar-mitzvah films after trusting John Friar's movie making abilities. The video he made for Mr. Cohen is such an example. "Duddy didn't say a word all through the screening but afterwards he was sick to his stomach." While Duddy was talking to Mr. Friar after the screening he told him, "I could sell Mr. Cohen a dead horse easier that this pile of --." Even after seeing the film and making his comment he still lies to Mr.

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