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The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

            A person's family plays a significant role in an individual's aspirations and goals. Some aspire to be like a parent, older sibling or relative. Duddy Kravitz's only real family relationship is with Simcha, Duddys scrupulously honest though unbending Grandfather. Not many people, other than Simcha, showed affection and appreciation for Duddy; when it seemed as if nobody cared or respected him, Simcha did. In Mordecai Richler's: "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz," Duddy's cause of rise and fall is triggered by a few unforgettable words Simcha told him "A man without land is nobody" (49).
             Whether it is because of Duddy's unimpressive appearance or "class clown" like attitude, Father Max and Uncle Benjy neglect him. However, although he is neglected and treated as if he is unloved by most of his family, his Grandfather Simcha still loves and continues to show affection for him. Lennie Kravitz, Duddy's older brother receives much more attention and love from their father and uncle. He envies Lennie for the kind of affection and devotion Lennie and Max share. Although Duddy always tries to deny and hide the way he is neglected and how Lennie is favorited, it is displayed when Benjy helps financially support Lennie's education. Benjy does not like him from first sight due to the way he looks. His "thin crafty face, the quick black eyes and the restlessness" is enough for Benjy to dislike him (61). The bad impression Benjy has his nephew is not a secret, this drives him even closer to his grandfather. When Simcha tells him "a man without land is nobody" he leaves a great effect on him, this is because he had no other parental support (49). His Grandfather is what triggers his motivation to success.
             Everything Duddy does is all for his dream of having land of his own one day. Essentially, he will throw everyone under the bus for his dream. He uses all his so called friends for money, just to hurt them in the end.

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