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duddy kravitz

             Duddy in the beginning of the story is presented as a young Jewish boy, who lives in Montreal with his father Max and his brother Lennie. As a young boy Duddy is a rebellious kid because of his lack of attention at home. By doing wrong things, is the only way he feels that he gets attention. For example he forms a gang called "The Warriors". In this gang Duddy teaches the boys to behave unethically, smoke bubble pipes, and split streetcars so that they could use it twice. He is also jealous at his brother Lennie because he is the one who gets the most attention at home. Duddy's father Max, always introduced Lennie to other people and he tell Duddy that throughout Lennies" years in Fletcher's Field High School that he had never been straped by a teacher. Duddy also spent a lot of time with his grandfather Simcha Kravitz. After hearing his grandfather say " A man without a land is nobody", he was motivated to get the land of his own and to be somebody. Throughout the novel Duddy Kravitz is seen as ruthless manipulator and a relentless pursuer. Duddy will do any thing to pursue the land of his dream no matter the cost would be.
             After hearing his grandfathers" statement that a man without a land is nobody he began to work a lot harder to acquire the land of his dream. He begin working as a waiter in a hotel. There Duddy becomes one of the most favored waiters among customers, as well as one of the most hated waiters among his employees, especially Irwin. While working in a hotel, he meets one of the maids, Yvette. Duddy and Yvette develop a close relationship to one another while working in the hotel and sooner Yvette fall in love with Duddy. Yvette is the one who find the land that Duddys" had dream of. After Duddy sees the land of his dream he is prepared to do anything to pursue this land. He then uses Yvette to sign off the paper under her name because he is a minor and he cannot legally own a land.

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