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dave mathews

             Kurt Cobain For our modern day hero we used th.
             Kurt Cobain For our modern day hero we used the singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana. This punk Seattle band moved almost mainstream almost overnight. .
             Nirvana caught on fast and changed rock and roll music forever and molded the music of the 90's, alternative. Cobain had an enormous amount of talent but unfortunately his life was cut short by a still controversial suicide in his .
             Seattle home. On April 9, 1994, his body was discovered. He is a hero for many of today's troubled youth because his music influences how these troubled kids feel. They are able relate to Cobain and his music. Kurt Cobain was born in .
             1967. He lived with his sister and parents two hundred miles away from Seattle in the small logging town of Aberdine. His aunt, who helped him form his first band, introduced him to music at a very young age. His parents divorced when .
             Kurt was only seven years old. Torn up by his parents" divorce, he went to live with his mother in a trailer. After the divorce, Kurt was forced to look at his life in a different light. Kurt became extremely anti-social, had few friends, and was picked on in school because kids thought he was gay or weird. .
             Kurt started writing poetry at the age of thirteen, and when he was 14, he received his first guitar. Throughout high school he was in many bands- Fecal .
             Matter, Skid Row, Brown Cow, The Sellouts and Pencap Chew. He formed Nirvana during his senior year of high school with his friends Chris Novoselic and Dave .
             Grohl who Kurt called "the world's best drummer." Shortly after the band was formed, Kurt dropped out of high school, and his mother kicked him out of the house. Homeless, he lived under a bridge at the end of his street. It was here that he would spend time alone writing his own songs. From his parents" divorce to his mother pushing him out of the house, Kurt had become even more alienated from other people and life.

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