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Birth Order

             Birth order sure isn't rocket science, but it's a wonderful way of getting behind the eyes of other people and realizing that when you come to marriage, everybody doesn't have the same rulebook. You got a rulebook for how life ought to be, how you live it. If you're dating a guy and hell of a sudden violates one of those rules, you're not going to like him. In all probability, you're not going to tell him what your rulebook is, right? I don't know what makes more sense than birth order, to tell you the truth. I don't think it's the answer for everything, but what could make more sense than something that is based upon the fluid dynamic relationship between parents and children and children with one another? That's why I like it (Leman NP).
             Birth order can be a determinant factor for many things. Although not a proven science, the logic behind birth order is unquestionable. For example, a couple's first child sets the standards for all other children; it is the first to walk, the first to talk, and therefore sets an expectation that will give the child leadership skills and a sense of power over their siblings that will develop and shape their personality (Schweich-Handler 126). Birth order not only affects your immediate personality, but it is also a deciding factor in job choice, as only and first-born children are pushed by their parents to pursue prestigious and high-earning careers, while later-borns tend to have less expectations on them and are more likely to pursue careers of interests (Unknown 11). Other factors in life can be attributed to birth order such as choices in romance partners; .
             it is advisable to choose partners that are outside of ones place of birth as they can provide complimentary traits specific to their birth order (Simmonds NP). Sexual orientation, as well, has explanations related to birth order; research has generated that men with same-sex attraction were born later in their family relative to men with opposite-sex attraction (Bogaert 361).

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