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            Background: This is a multiple era story. The first deals with the early history of the company (member association) and its founding because military personnel found it difficult to obtain insurance since they frequently moved. The second era was from 1969 until 1993 when General Robert McDermott served as the top executive which was a period of phenomenal growth supported by continued improvement of information systems support. The next era followed General McDermott's retirement in December 1993. He was replaced by General Robert Herres. Herres was the Vice Chief of Staff in his final assignment in the Air Force to conclude a distinguished military career. Herres was replaced as the President and CEO in April 2000. It is worth mentioning that while Davis was a seven year military veteran including service in Viet Nam, he was not a career military officer was were all of his predecessors. He has more of a career in financial services having been president and chief executive officer of Bank One in Columbus, Ohio. He joined USAA in 1996 with almost twenty-five years in the financial services industry. The size and scope of financial products offered by USAA certainly dictates the need for an experienced financial services executive. .
             If aligning your organization's business and IT strategies is to be a worthwhile activity with a positive return, there first needs to be a strategic business opportunity to which information technology is integral. Finding and developing a business strategy that calls for an IT strategy is a critical process and is undertaken either proactively or reactively. For example, through the 1970s and 1980s the well-known financial services company USAA grew both the quality and diversity of its products and services by focusing on the single objective of identifying and meeting customer needs, and by leveraging IT to meet that goal. There was vision and solid commitment from the top.

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