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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

            Critical Thinking and Decision Making .
             The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between critical thinking and decision making. I will attempt to answer all of the following questions. .
             1. What is critical thinking? .
             2. What is decision making? .
             3. How do the materials for this course define critical thinking and decision-making? .
             4. What do you think they are? .
             5. How do they relate to each other? .
             6. What are the benefits of being a critical thinker? .
             7. How do you see these processes present or absent in your work?.
             Critical thinking is an on-going activity. It involves many processes. One of the main processes of critical thinking is asking questions to form a sound argument for or against something. It is also an awareness of how sets of critical questions asked are interrelated. Critical thinking also includes being able to answer critical questions at appropriate times. Critical thinking does not occur without any emotions. In fact, emotions and feelings are a big part of critical thinking. What one has to remember is that emotional involvement alone should not be the basis for accepting or rejecting a position. Emotional involvement in critical thinking should be mostly apparent only after reasoning has taken place. .
             Decision-making is a process of choosing a course of action for dealing with an opportunity or problem. It is basically a problem-solving process. In this process, reasoning is essential. Individuals in an organization must use reasoning skills to eliminate barriers in order to reach company goals. There are two key aspects in the decision making process. The first is formulation, which is the process of understanding a problem and making a decision about it. The second is implementation, which is the process of carrying out that decision. .
             The above explanations of critical thinking and decision-making are as described by this course, I agree with these explanations but would add a few thoughts of my own.

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