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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

             Critical thinking is a essential tool in making informed decisions. Critical thinking is especially useful to managers and those faced with making decisions that will ultimately affect their organizations success. Without the use of Critical thinking decision-making can be an unsavory process, resulting in financial ruin and failure. Critical thinking allows individuals to analyze their thoughts, actions, decisions and external information to reach a resolution to any problem or issue.
             Critical Thinking and Decision Making.
             In the daily events of our life we are all faced with choices. The choice can be something as simple as which newspaper to read in the morning, or as complicated as deciding whether or not to pursue a college degree. Many of the decisions we make are important and can shape our lives in consequential ways. Critical thinking is an essential tool that will help us to examine our choices and choose the path that will be most beneficial. Critical thinking is a reasoning process in which individuals analyze their thoughts, actions, decisions, and external information. It involves knowledge, acquisition of related information, and the evaluation of collected information. Before reaching a final decision the critical thinker will consider any and all alternatives, compare, examine, and evaluate any external information. Thus, making an informed decision by applying reasoning and logic. In today's workplace we are all constantly faced with the need to make decisions. Many times we are required to reach a resolution while being provided with a limited amount of information and time. Often we stray from making the decision in an effort to avoid failure. Others make quick uninformed decisions in an effort to meet deadlines. These paths will most likely lead to failure. Opting to avoid a decision will the problem unresolved while the uninformed decision will most likely be the wrong decision.

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