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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

             Everything we do in life is determined by the quality of your thinking and the decision that it leads to. However, there exists a lack of awareness how one should think and make decisions. Absence of clear thinking will lead to failure both in personal and professional life. Decisions resulting from unclear thinking will lead to frustration, ineffectiveness, and financial loss and ultimately to failure. Critical Thinking is about becoming a better thinker in every aspect of life. It will lead to perform more effectively both in personal and professional life by empowering oneself. It will ultimately lead to avoiding disastrous mistakes, and gaining clarity, and discovering new opportunities.
             Critical Thinking .
             Critical thinking is a reasoning process in which individuals are expected to analyze their own thoughts, actions and decisions as well as those of others. The critical thinker is also expected to consider alternatives and makes an informed decision by applying reasoning and logic. It involves knowledge, acquisition of related information, application analysis and evaluation of the collected information. Before making the final decision, one is expected to thoroughly execute these steps and compare, contrast, examine the data before reaching the decisions. It encourages new and innovative ways of approaching situations in one's personal and professional life.
             Decision Making.
             All of us are constantly faced with the need to make decisions. Some people put off making decisions because they're afraid that their choices may not be the right ones, while others make snap decisions that are not based upon thoughtful consideration. We are always challenged to make good decisions " most of the time with limited information under serious time constraints. .
             Decision-making is central to human activity. Every human being is a decision-maker. We all make decisions, big or small, in day-to-day life.

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