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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

             Critical thinking and decision-making are two valuable issues, which .
             enable us to our concerns in our daily event in a more practical manner. Critical thinking .
             can be understood as a way of becoming aware of, and taking control of our own thinking .
             processes in order to think more effectively. Critical Thinking is about becoming a better .
             thinker in every aspect of your thoughts as a individual. It is also a way to approach .
             difficulty and make good choices in life.
             Decision making is being able to identify and chose alternatives based on .
             the preferences and morals of the decision maker process. Many of our decisions are .
             simple, like deciding on what to watch on TV, or what you would like to eat for a .
             snack. Maybe you rather watch some football with some pizza and beer. "Simple" Other .
             decisions are complicated or difficult, like what's the best college to go to or what career .
             is good to have. Maybe University of Phoenix to become a network person. Decision that .
             could effect your life are complicated and difficult. As we learn how to think more .
             effectively, we allow ourselves to determine new opportunities, keeping away from .
             making big mistakes.
             The authors in the materials used for this class (CSS 330) describe critical .
             thinking as a foundation for effective problem solving and decision-making. The authors .
             in our materials explain a few of the characteristics of a critical thinker. Some of the .
             characteristics of a critical thinker are:.
             Critical thinkers are honest with themselves.
             Overcome confusion.
             Base judgment on evidence.
             Open minded.
             Analytical .
             In my opinion, critical thinking is about knowing your own strengths and .
             weaknesses in order to make good decisions. I also feel that the foundation of critical .
             thinking involves asking the right questions, and taking responsibility for any decision .

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