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Death of a Salesman

             Through desires and dreams individuals experience hope as well as a temporary escape from everyday reality. In Arthur Millers" Death of a Salesman, the Lowman family gives new meaning to the concept of dreams, desires and escape from reality. Willy, Biff and Hap allow their dreams to take over their world and bend their perception of reality, success and the American dream. .
             Willy Lowman, an aging, downtrodden traveling salesman, has chosen to follow the classic American dream. His misguided view of what this is allows him to model his own and his family's life after the dream he believes equals success, which, in turn, equals happiness. It is this view that causes Willy to push himself as well as his family into a disillusioned state that is the false reality Willy had created for himself. .
             "Willy: They laugh at me, heh? Go to Filene's, go to Slattery's, Boston. Call out the name Willy Lowman and see what happens! Big shot!".
             Act One, Pg. 63.
             This shows how Willy begins to confuse his dreams of success with the thing really driving him, which is notoriety in the business world and being well liked. He is no longer working to be happy with himself, but to prove something to the rest of the world.
             Willy is on the lower end of the food chain in a capitalistic world. He owns nothing and, after his job slowly becomes redundant, makes nothing. This makes him feel as if he has no accomplishments and is a failure. Willy turns this into a theory that if he is well liked and appears attractive to others than doors will be opened to him and his dreams will be realized. Willy builds his life around these dreams. Unfortunately, for Willy to live by these ideals he must compromise himself and illusions in his head begin to replace reality. .
             "Willy: That's just what I mean. Bernard can get the best marks in school, y"understand, but when he gets out in the business world, y"understand, you are going to be five times ahead of him.

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