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The Sun Also Rises

             How do we know Jake is insecure about his masculinity early in the novel?.
             Jake has a frustrating time dealing with a war injury that has left him crippled, .
             sexually. He has a strong yearning to satisfy Brett, but he is unable to. He feels .
             inadequate as a man. He allows Brett to have numerous affairs. One example of.
             his own insecurity would be when Brett walked in the Parisian cafe with a .
             group of young men. He did not approach any of the men. Instead, he ridiculed.
             them for being homosexual. He described them as being disgusting and intolerable.
             He condones the issue to Brett although he is upset. He later cries himself to sleep while Brett has a drunken affair with the Count.
             2. What pre-war values does Cohn represent?.
             Cohn is a romantic man at heart. He shows more emotional depth and character than his counterparts. He has the perception that love will conquer all. He is helplessly infatuated with Brett. He can not except that their affair had no emotional value at all. He was a boxer in college. When he sees Brett with the bull fighter, Romero he.
             loses all self control and discipline. It was his idea of romance and honor that led him to believe if he were the last man standing he would win the heart of the girl.
             3. How do we know the war has destroyed the value system of Jake's generation?.
             In this story the war is not directly labeled as the villain that has cost Jake's generation their moral ethics. It is through their emotional and mental state that we can see what happened. On the surface it seems as though they are happy people.
             They are actually pacifying a false happiness by the constant drinking and partying.

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