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            "Night shows that even in brutalising conditions people still behave humanely".
             Elie is a character whose personality changes drastically from the beginning to the end. He goes through traumatic situations that cause him to mature faster than kids his own age. Elie goes from an eager courageous learner to a lost soul full of hate.
             Elie is a good learner full of hopeful dreams. An example is that Elie is concerned about finding a master to teach him the stories and books of the Jews, which he reads in his spare time. He is very in touch with his religious beliefs as well as getting his priorities straight. He ignores Moshe when he tells him "The Gestapo slaughtered their prisoners, babies were thrown into the air and the machine gunners used them for target practice." Elie felt only pity, no grief, because he could not imagine such terror. As well as he denied the fact that such pure evil was possible. Elie is a believer of good and chooses not to face the bad. Elie going through tragedy after living through life at a concentration camp has changed Elie's perspective on life dramatically. It starts with the sight of little children being thrown into a furnace. It impacts Elie by haunting him in his dreams it also make him realize that the Gestapo was capable of such brutality.
             His self-respect is trampled when he's forced to strip naked and be examined, after that he was completely shaved from head to toe, and given a number for a name. Elie not only feels violated but scared of what's to come. Elie's identity is lost as well as his emotions as he slowly withdraws from the world. Elie doesn't even show emotions when his father is beaten to near death. Elie is somewhat happy that he doesn't have to take care of his incapable father. Elie's will to live is no more than a will to see an end.
             In conclusion maybe Elie was better off dying at one of the concentration camps rather then living with the memories that can never be forgotten.

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