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Salmon Fishing

             Salmon fishing the great lakes has never been better. Great numbers of king(Chinook), coho, atlantic, and pink salmon have been taken over the last few years. The fishing has been so good that it is one of the most uprising sports today in Michigan. Most of the salmon have been coming out of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. These two bodies of water hold an amazing amount of fish just waiting to bite. All it takes to catching them is just getting out there and finding them.
             The salmon fishing season unofficially starts during the spring. During this time of year the place to be is in the southern portion of Michigan. Warm water from water run-off and streams flows into the lakes, warming the shallow water. Bacteria and parasites swarm the area, developing and multiplying in great numbers. When this happens, bait fish move in to feed on these organisms. Along with the bait fish come the salmon. Salmon will come in and heavily feed on the bait fish. During this time is when you want to be fishing. You will have a lot of luck at this time of year.
             Following the spring salmon run is the summer fish. During this time of year the fish are a little bit harder to find. They will range in depths from anywhere in the thirty foot range to the one hundred and fifty foot range. A little trial and error has to be done in order to find the fish. Once they are located you can catch them in great numbers.
             In the fall time, fishing can be great. At this time of year salmon are running into the rivers to spawn. To sustain their energy they eat a lot. This is why the fishing can be so good. Salmon of larger size are taken in large number. They are in very close and tend to school together. The smaller salmon tend to stay out deeper, for they are not ready to spawn yet. Fishing in shallow at this time of year will produce fish after fish on your boat.
             The salmon season ends with fishermen lining the river banks and casting their bait into the currents.

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