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my experience of japanese food

             It was raining outside and a little bit chilly. The restaurant was a gloomy but it was cozy. I felt like I was in a quiet temple because of it had a Buddhist bell by the front door and a small white sculpture of a cat, for good luck, in the front desk. In the rooms beyond the sushi bar, there are not many lights. It made me feel quiet and hursh like a temple. My friends and I were seated in the corner of the restaurant and soon a waitress gave us menu. When the waitress came to us, I was a little bit worried about the prices of the menu because it was time I treated my friends for their dinner. Because it was kind of expensive, I could not help watching my friends' choices. We ordered some sushi called dragon eel, rainbow sushi, and tempura with a little sake. When a waitress brought the food we ordered, it was very colorful like a rainbow and looked very delicious. In addition, when the tempura came out, its smell was so good that my mouth watered. However, when I tasted the food we ordered I was little disappointed because it was totally different from what I anticipated. There are two main reasons for this: one is rice which is the most important thing creating the taste of sushi. I didn't like the taste because the sauce mixed with rice was not good. I didn't like the tempura because it was not cooked in the proper method. .
             First of all, the combination of rice and a sauce used make sushi was so watery that I felt like I was chewing sticky rice with condensed sugar water. It was supposed to be a perfect combination of rice and sauce so it would dance on your tongue. If it was perfect sushi, when you chew it, each kernel of rice should be separated and should be tasted in your palette. but EDO's rice was too sticky and smashed. In addition, I easily could identify the smell of stale rice because I have a very acute sense of smell and I also know the skill to cook this food. However, the color of the sushi was so beautiful like a five-colored brilliant rainbow that I could not resist touching and putting that food in my mouth.

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