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Trying a Vegetarian Diet

            Food nourishes our body to be able to accomplish out daily lives as what air and water's important in our lifestyles. Speaking of lifestyle, there is a trend nowadays about how we intake food and later be benefitted by this. This is the idea of vegetarianism. Vegetarians in this modern age is gradually increasing. It is not because they can't afford meat but because they have the courage and belief to do it. But what do a person made him a vegetarian? What it feels like to be one? Does it really have a lot of benefits? I experienced it in just few days out of curiosity. And I will call this the carnivores' fasting. My meatless experience.
             Start from the very first announcement, "be a vegetarian for a month", I really think it was impossible. What will I do with my "yeah I'm a meat lover"? But for the sake of my paper, okay I will try. I will go try hard. I know it is difficult not to bite on a teasing bacon on the dining table. But I need to conquer the veggie movement so again I will try hard. Honestly, I don't do it regularly although I decided that every weekend will be my days of meatless meals since every time I go home we have vegetable dish. Maybe it is because every day I only depej nd my food on fast-food chains, carinderias, and canned foods. But I swear, I really eat vegetables since I was a child. Thinking what will this makes useful to me I am trying to afford eating vegetable whenever I go back home in my province. I eat different kinds mixing it with fish dishes will make me satisfied.
             Researching the web, I have found that mostly Asian cuisines are tend to be a vegan type foods. Japanese, Indian, and Korean are on the top list. And that's because these countries have religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Their belief do not support meat-eating. I have tried them. Japanese, too raw. Indian, too much curry. Korean, too spicy. But among the three, I prefer Korean dishes especially ttukboki.

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