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             Has anyone ever told you that you are part of the prep group in school? What about a hippy? When an important person judges you by the clothes you are wearing or how you act, does that bother you? What about a religion that you believe in, have friends of yours ever laughed at you for believing in it? For the past three years, I have grown stronger with in my faith as a Christian. My belief in Christianity has been my daily life. In the social world, Christianity can be labeled as a social group. My cousin, who doesn't truly agree with Christianity, told me a little quote she uses: "All you Christian folks are just a bunch of Bible Humpers." I have been labeled as a Christian from friends and enemies, but whether it is a negative or a positive comment, I will always find a way to grow from it.
             A Christian, like me, believes that there is a single eternal and almighty God. I also believe that God had no beginning and has no end. The Lord commands us, as his own son, to study his word that is written in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible teaches that God holds a predetermined plan for all of time and works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will. Granted that God is watching everything we do, the right way to live on earth is sin free. Knowing that not everyone is perfect, God will always forgive us, even in the worst of times. God is almighty and does precisely as He pleases. Acknowledging the fact that I live the life of a Christian, I am proud to be a called a Christian, I also enjoy when individuals notice how I act.
             Being labeled as a Christian is such a great feeling in my mind. Being a Christian isn't a requirement or a restraint, it is a privilege. A person admitting to being a Christian takes a lot of pride, but denying it can be wrong in the eyes of God. Citizens always ask me, "Are you one of those "Jesus Freaks" who believe in "Christianity"?" To me, it is a compliment, while to them they think they are making me undergo stress.

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