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Nonfiction Literature for Children

            My goal is to have students understand information from various texts and to compare the information from that specific topic. I want children to learn the general concepts about weather before we move on to the more complicated stuff. I will begin the study by asking my students, "What do we .
             Know about weather?" I will chart their responses on chart paper. I will then proceed by reading the book, Weather Words, by Gail Gibbons. This is a great book about the weather and it builds a general knowledge about weather that kids already know. We will then discuss the book and what we know about weather. We will continue to have discussions on why it is useful to know the weather We will make a weather word wall with all of the words related to weather. Some words on the weather word wall can include, wind, rain, snow, cold, hot, temperature, floods, blizzards, snowstorm, etc. We will also talk about what we notice about temperature and its relationship to weather. .
             Children will keep a daily weather chart and record temperature as we will record the weather. .
             I will help them understand the structure of a nonfiction book and the various features that a nonfiction book contains. I want to help become critical thinkers. So, I will begin by asking the students select a word from the weather word wall that most interests them. I want to look around the room in our library for books on that subject. I want them to talk about what they already know about the subject before they start reading. I then want to them think about and write down any questions they may have about the topic they chose or anything they want to learn about the topic. They will start collecting data and through various mini-lessons they will create their books using the strategies they have obtained.

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