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mc beth

             The history of England begins with the Anglo-Saxons, who invaded Great Britain about ad 449. They displaced the previous occupants from the south-eastern part of the island and called it Angle-land, or England. Previously, the island, like Europe, was home for a succession of peoples dating from the beginnings of the Old Stone Age. The rising sea level produced the English Channel and made Great Britain an island.
             Scotland history à.
             The Picts, a fierce and warlike people, successfully resisted conquest by the Romans, whose great general, Gnaeus Julius Agricola. After the Roman withdrawal from Britain in 409, the Picts systematically raided the territories of their southern neighbors. .
             The adjacent region to the north was occupied toward the beginning of the 6th century by the Scots, Celtic invaders from northern Ireland, who established the kingdom that became known in history as Dalriada.
             The first phase of the Scottish war of independence ended victoriously for Edward, who crushed Baliol's army at Dunbar in April 1296 and decreed the annexation of Scotland to England. Baliol was deposed, and his kingdom was placed under military occupation.
             England government à.
             The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy "that is, the head of state is a monarch with limited powers. Britain's democratic government is based on a constitution composed of various historical documents, laws, and formal customs adopted over the years. Parliament, the legislature, consists of the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and the monarch, also called the Crown.
             The chief executive is the prime minister, who is a member of the House of Commons.
             Because the House of Commons is involved in both the legislative and executive branches of the British government, there is no separation of powers between executive and legislature as there is in the United States.
             Scotland government à.
             England people à.

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